How to look after your handmade rug

Maxwell Rose | 27 August, 2021

            How to look after your handmade rug

For many of us, a rug is the focal point of a room whereas for others, it may just be used like a door mat in a hallway. However you use your Persian or Oriental rug, it's very important to keep in mind that they do require attention every so often to keep the wools healthy and avoid problems such as moth damage, holes and tears.

Handmade wool and silk rugs should be cleaned every 5-8 years depending on traffic. For example if your rug is in a living room with little footfall, we would recommend this is hand cleaned every 8 years. A rug in a busy hallway might need attention every 5 or so years. One of the main reasons rugs should be cleaned is not for the obvious reason you might think. Dirt and dust collects inside the pile of a rug and over time abrasion will occur, wearing down the wools and foundation of the rug. The hand cleaning process carried out at James Barclay involves a beating process that will eliminate dirt and dust in the rug. This in turn lightens the rug up and extends the life of your beautifully crafted rug or carpet.

It's always important to keep natural wool or silk rugs well ventilated, especially in older buildings. This is to avoid insect damage to the natural materials used to form the rug. Moths appear from the older buildings and thrive in warm dark environments between your rug, floorboards and furniture sitting on top. Sadly they can cause devastating damage to your rugs and carpets so we would recommend you vacuum the back and front of your rugs regularly and avoid having furniture on top of your rug for a prolonged period. If you have discovered signs of moth and/or moth damage on your rug, try not to worry too much as all handmade rugs are restorable and treatable. Here at James Barclay, we specialise in the moth treatment and repair of handmade rugs.

If your rug has signs of damage such as a hole or a tear along the perimeter, fixing this early would be a good idea. Small hole and edge repairs are simple and effective in preventing further damage and will save you money down the line. 

If you have any questions or would like some advice about your Persian or Oriental handmade rug, please call us on 0203 174 2427. 

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